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Maker Faire: It’s A Wrap!

Maker Faire: It’s A Wrap!

I’m still recovering from Maker Faire last weekend.  What a trip!  Justin and I set up our booth outside of Union Station on Saturday and Sunday and crossed our fingers for decent weather.    Our booth was packed!  We estimated that approximately  300+ people stopped by despite the heat, humidity and strong winds.   We had a non-stop crowd for most of the day.

Overall, Maker Faire was an amazing experience.  I met so many teachers, artists, engineers, musicians, therapists, and makers who loved Coloratura and wanted to share it with others.  I was invited to schools, libraries and even a birthday party.  Our project also won a ‘Maker of Merit’ blue ribbon, which was a lovely surprise.

Maker of Merit Blue Ribbon

The best part of the whole weekend was watching people’s expressions when they tried Coloratura for the first time.  It was such a joy watching so many people interact with Coloratura in various ways.

Here’s a highlight video of some of my favorites!